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New Petswhse web site

Has anyone noticed their new look? Interestingly enough their page outlining
their stock options and plan to go public has disappeared...(howd that
happen?) and all the talk about their bbb ratings being for a separately
owned store... their WEB site now states:

We're in the know, we are Pet professionals with over 25 years experience in
the pet business, to satisfy any pet lover's needs! Since 1974.
PetsWarehouse.com is the leading Web-based retailer focusing not only on pet
supplies, but on the pets themselves as well. We have been in the pet
industry since 1974. We started out as a pet bird importer, operating two
USDA licensed import and distribution facilities on Long Island, New York.
Our staff gains the benefit of this experience, giving us a depth of
knowledge about the industry and the products we sell that cannot be found
on other web sites. By combining our expertise in pet products and live pets
along with our commitment to excellent customer service with the benefits of
Internet retailing, we are able to deliver a unique value to you.
The online catalog contains over 34,000 products. This Internet site makes
available the largest collections of pet-related information anywhere, with
over 2000 pages of Pet related information.In 1993, Pets Warehouse built an
8,700 square foot store open to the retail public with pets and pets
supplies at deep discount prices. We opened an even larger store in 1996,
17,000 sq'in size, and continue to wholesale pets to other pet supply stores
today. We are also in the process of opening a new store in the town of
Riverhead on Long Island in the near future. Petswarehouse.com is in the
process of a private placement and intends to become a public company in a
stock offering soon.

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