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Re: Book on aq. plants (fwd)

> I've just been looking around the internet and came across your
> web page. I don't know if you ever feature publications, but I want to
> you about a new book called, "Wetland Plants: Biology and Ecology" by
> myself and Siobhan Fennessy, published by CRC Press and out this summer.
> is a college level textbook and reference book, meant to update
> Sculthorpe's 1967 book, "Aquatic Plants."

Sculthorpe's book is still available - the publisher, Koeltz Scientific
Books (http://www.koeltz.com/ search on author's last name), found a large
quantity of unbound copies of the 1985 reprint of the 2nd edition
(originally published in 1971). They have been bound and are available
directly from the publisher for $64.00US (128.00 DM). A one on one
comparative review would be interesting, as Sculthorpe's book is considered
a classic. I notice from the published details that this new book is
considerably shorter (488 pages) than Sculthorpe's tome (610 pages).

One good thing is the price, of either book. Koeltz lists another "update to
a classic" - Aquatic and Wetland Plants of Northeastern North North America
by Crow and Hellquist, published in 2 volumes last year and priced at
$223.00 US!!! It is supposed to be an unpdate of Fassett's long out of print
classic Manual of Aquatic Plants.

James Purchase

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