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New TAG Editor...

The AGA board has appointed the new editor of TAG, and we are pleased to
announce the editor is.... <trumpet fanfare> Karen Randall!  Many of us
know Karen for her AFM columns, involvement with the Boston Aquarium
Society and Northeast Council, and her years of service on the AGA
steering committee (now board of directors).

Karen will begin publication of TAG in 2002, and is now looking for
volunteers to fill various positions.  As we have some plans to expand the 
quality of TAG, there will be several opportunities.  Please contact Karen
directly (krandall@world.std.com) if interested.

Meanwhile, we are still planning on assembling a transitional "second half
of 2001" issue of TAG with the remaining material, contest results, and
convention reports.  Please contact me (erik@thekrib.com) if you have any
interesting photos or words about the convention.  Thanks, and looking
forward to AGA '2002.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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