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Re: TAG job postings


Great. Thanks Don. I think the two of us can get started and see how it goes.

Please send the list of prices and other specs. I already contacted Claus. I'll call Brad in the morning.


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Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 17:16:03 -0500

Terrific! Thanks, Don.

Art, do you think that the two of you can handle it, or should we keep looking for more people? Unless you really think you'll need more people, I'd suggest that the two of you get started and see how it goes. If you find you could use more help, we can post for help again. What do you think?

I'll send you another E-mail off-list, and we can get you started with the list of advertisers we know about. I just have to check with the BOD and make sure that we have decided on ad prices, and have their go-ahead.

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I would be willing to help out Art, the length of time needed per month seems reasonable. Just let me know what to do next!

Don Lee

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