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Re: Foreign Memberships

Scott wrote:
> In the states, there are bulk rates available if the mail is sorted
> adequately.  Perhaps such savings can be exploited in other postal
> systems, too.

We used to send TAG out bulk rate, and it was painfully slow and unreliable.
Then we started sending it 1st class, which is more reliable, faster, but
obviously much more expensive.  Dave G. is walking me through learning about
"periodical rate", which will give us much better service than bulk, at a
cost even lower than bulk.  But I don't know how much, if any, it helps us
outside the country.  That's something I still need to find out.

> Also, are we talking about "club rates?"

If we do this, it won't effect membership rates at all, nor will it change
the cost for people in North America/Mexico. (let's face it, our dues are
dirt cheap for N.A. members)  Those people already pay MUCH less than our
members in other parts of the world, simply because it costs that much more
for us to send them their magazines.  I was just trying to think of another
way that we could attract more foreign participation by finding a less
expensive way of getting the magazines to them.


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