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RE: Botanical Illustration

Karen wrote:
"I seriously doubt Martha would want THIS dragon on her wall.  Which is a
good thing.  Otherwise I'd be gagging right now."

"OTOH, Martha might take to little glass boxes full of pretty plants and
shiny fish..."

Hmmmmm....... the LAST time I brought up her name in conversation, I think
that you nearly gagged....lol...

But ya know, I'd just BET that her organization WOULD be interested, IF they
were approached correctly and offered something "enticing" for either the TV
show OR the magazine. The lady might be a bore, but she's an incredibly
canny business person and has assembed a very talented team around her, and
like Liberache, she's laughing ALL the way to the bank at her critics.

Now, who do we know who could appear on TV and show Martha how really
beautiful a planted aquarium can be???? (hint....think Boston area.....)

Or, who could be photographed with one or more beautifully planted aquariums
and do an interview for the magazine??? (hint....think West Coast, close to
the Bay....)

I mean REALLY.....I was clicking through the channels on TV here last week
and saw her doing a segment on antique tea-towels. HOW INTERESTING.....NOT!
And that little guy she uses for her pet segments... don't you think that
either Karen or Tom Barr would be nicer to watch???

James Purchase

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