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Re: AGA Contest Question

I can support the illustration category, James, but I do have some reservations to the pond category:

1. A pond is an integral part of a (garden) landscape, a component of an overall "terrestrial" design. And there are plenty of garden clubs and garden related contests that we don't need another one. To put it simply, we are in the aquarium hobby, not in the gardening hobby.

2. AGA's focus has been (unless I got this completely wrong) on underwater plants, underwater "landscapes", underwater concepts. I believe that focus should remain.

3. Many, if not most, pond plants have no underwater component. Therefore, they may not have any relevance for the majority of AGA members that may not be familiar with them.

As an alternative, can I suggest another category: Underwater pictures of plants and fish. The pictures would be evaluated on the artistic merit of the picture and the health and beauty of the plants and animals. An aquarium layout would not be required, a planting plan would be irrelevant. (Example: there's a beautiful picture of a cory on some riccia on the CD).

Michael Eckardt

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Hi Folks,

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