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Re: Car shuttles for the convention

Count me as definitely interested.  I think my flight comes
in around 11 am on Fri but I have to double check
that--anyway it's that, give or take and hour.
--- Erik Olson <erik@thekrib.com> wrote:
> Talking with my wife Kathy yesterday, a former Houston
> resident for four 
> years, and one who's driven the vast freeway system
> there.  Given that 
> it's a minimum 30-45 minute drive from the airport to the
> hotel, we 
> thought that we'd offer to do some shuttles, save a few
> taxi fees, and get 
> to meet old & new friends for the drive.
> So here's the deal.  Reply if you're interested in
> kicking in a few bucks
> (maybe $5 per person?) for a trip to and/or from the
> airport to the
> convention, and we'll use it to get a better rental car
> (maybe even a
> minivan).  Also let me know when your flight is so we can
> get an idea of
> how many trips we're talking about.  Hope to see y'all at
> the convention
> November 8th!
>   - Erik
> PS: TAG arrived today.  It's really nice.  Kudos to Karen
> and Cheryl, as 
> well as all the authors.
> -- 
> Erik Olson
> erik at thekrib dot com

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