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ADA Contest Rules Change!!!!

Hi folks,

I have recently been corresponding with Nozomi Hayakawa of Aqua Design Amano
on another matter, and the subject of their Aquascaping Contest came up.  He
asked if I would try to encourage more North American participation in the
contest.  I told him that I thought that part of the reason they get so few
entries from North America is that while there are many aquarist who produce
beautiful aquascapes, there just aren't that many people who can also take
good slide photos of their tanks.

As a result of our conversation, Nozomi spoke to Mr. Amano, and ADA has
decided to accept entries of high resolution digital images as well.  They
request that entries be accompanied by both a print of the image, and the
digital image on CD or floppy disk.

In regards to file size, here was Mr. Hayakawa's reply to me:

"I do not want to discourage people's willingness by requesting too high
But usually when we say high resolution, I think following specifications

Effective Pixels CCD 3.0 million pixels  or more
Image size UXGA (1632x1224pixels) or higher

But please understand that this specification is just a reference, and this
does not mean we does not accept applications with picture taken with low
profile data."

SO... I don't think anyone has any good reasons for not entering this
contest any more.  Remember... If you're going to enter the AGA contest, it
doesn't hurt to take a few more pictures of your aquatic jewel and enter
both contests!  Let's continue the spirit of world-wide cooperation and
participate in the ADA contest as well!

You can download their entry form at:

Karen A. Randall

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