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Hello All,

After asking around I found that this is one of the larger groups of committed Aquarium Plant Hobbyists available.  I received a sample of the TAG, and liked what I saw.  So I became a member and joined this mailing list.  Its been over a week, and I am yet to see one post.  Is this a problem with my account, or is there just no activity?  I contacted the list administrator, and was told there was just not alot of traffic.

Why Not?  Doesn't anyone have anything to say? Ideas? Questions?

How many people are on this list?

If Your there Id like to get to know you better.  Which is one of the only purposes I joined.  I'm in Indiana, and besides a few small clubs in Indianapolis (an hour drive from here) there are no other aquarium hobbyists around.  :)

I just thought Id throw my 2 cents out there and see what happened.  If there are posts and I'm missing something, please let me know what I'm doing wrong.

Thank You

A New Member

Dustin Stonebraker

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