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Glad to see some activity.  I'm Eric from El Paso, TX.  I have a 125 gallon 
newly setup planted aquarium with variety of tetras.  Plants are varied with 
an Amazon sword, tall hair grass, various crypts, and some Wisteria.  
Currently I have only 160 watts of NO while waiting on my new compact 
flourescents.  I am running pressurized CO2 and despite the low light the 
plants are growing quite well.  Substrate consists of First Layer laterite 
mixed with TEC mineral.  Filtration is canister filter rated at 300GPH and a 
powerhead rated at 200 GPH at the other end of the aquarium for circulation.  
I have a variety of driftwood and rocks.  Plans to add anubias nana and after 
cycling has completed will add some glosso.

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