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Re: [AGA Member] Water Temperate & Chiller Units

I have considered it but haven't used one.

My tanks rise up around 81-83 degrees when the room temp
reaches 78, which is where the house central air
conditioning turns on.

While not ideal for some fish and plants, I haven't really
noticed significant ill effects.  The cost of a chileer,
not to mention the substantial draw on electrical current
seems to costly just to move the tank temp down a couple of

An inexpensive chiller that was very efficient would be
nice but I haven't heard of one.

How hot do yours get?  What's the room temp.

Scott H

--- DWS <dws@mbbookstore.com> wrote:
> How do you keep your water cool, under 80 degrees in the
> summer?
> Anyone use a chiller unit?    If so, whats the best one
> for the money?  

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