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[AGA Member] Denver too.

Hi All,
I live in Lakewood, a western suburb of Denver.  There is a group that meets
north of me in the Lakeside Mall, I've managed to loose the paper that I had
the time/date written on.  Meets on a Friday evening as I recall.
For a few years my only plant outlet was a LFS.  The folks there we not
helpful, and at times rude, and uncooperative so I stopped going there
and instead purchased plants from the local Pet S Mart.  Very expensive.
Then I stumbled on Arizona Gardens and have depended upon them 
ever since.
It's great to see this list up and running.  Like someone who posted 
earlier, I subscribed after reading an issue of TAG and then started 
getting the Aquatic Plant Digest, and forgot about it.

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