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[AGA Member] 2003 Convention, submission guidelines, etc

Folks, remember that you must post with the same address you joined this 

And to answer Jay's question, just peek at the bottom of any message and 
you'll see where to find the archive.

As for AGA2k3, in addition to Roger Miller (who I beleive will be speaking
on "Rocks" -- I'd love to see how he deals with airport security), the
confirmed lineup includes so far: our special guest speaker Christel
Kasselmann and a local Dallas fellow named Mike Cameron who is going to
talk specifically on digital photography.  There may be one other
confirmed so far (can't remember if it's confirmed or not -- he's on this
list!)  But from the almost daily phone calls I get from my contact, the
DFW folks are hurriedly working at confirming the rest of the varied
lineup, and we're hoping to have the hotel contract finalized next week so
we can start taking registrations.

  - Erik
    (your list admin & part-time AGA president)

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Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 18:50:31
From: "Jay Luto" <jayluto@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: 2003 AGA convention

Let me jump on the wagon too.

Hello. My name is Jay Luto from New Jersey (Dr.Jay from Aquabotanic.com).
Keeping planted tanks for about 10 years (3 of the latest more serious). 55
heavy planted and very sucessfull 75G african cichlid tank boosted up with
healthy flora.
Are we archiving those emails or this is only on FW/RE basis ?. Nice to see
familiar names.

Who is going to AGA 2003 ?. I started very interesting topic on aquabotanic
and got some information from Roger Miller who is going to be a speaker (as
per him). Who is going from East Coast ?. Karen, are you going ?.

Jay Luto

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