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Re: [AGA Member] I guess im knew to

For aquarium lighting, the term is used for twin tube
(sometimes called folded tube) fluorescent bulbs.  They are
more or less equivalent to T5 straight tube fluoresecents
with multiple fluorescents so that they have a broad
sprecturm output.  T5 fluorescents are 5/12 of an inche in

Somewhat similarly folded fluorescentlamps, generally of
much smaller size, are twin tube "Compact Fluorescents" or
"CFs" that can range in watts up to abut 15 watts, after
which the design moves to 4 or 6 tubes or a single tube
twisted in a spiral.  CFs will fit (sort of) into
conventional table lamps and often have the ballast built
right into the bulb but not always.  CFs are intended to be
used in place of incandescent bulbs in household
applications to save energy.  Fluorescents are about 30-35%
effeicient at converting electrical energy to visible light
-- the rest of the energy is converted to heat. 
Incandescents are about 5%-7% efficient -- an absolutely
extraordinary waste of energy.

CFs, because they are folded into a smaller package
--basically folded over on themselves several times or in a
sprial -- lose as much as 40% of their light output by
shining it on themselves, so to speak, instead of out into
the room.  They are poor choices for aquarium lighting, in
most circumstances since PCs are so much more effective,
being folded only once and losing about 10% of their light
to shining on themselves.  PCs, are possibly the best
choice for aquaria.  If you want the ripply sparkly effect,
then add an MH along with the PCs.

One of the best places to get them as kits is from
AHSupply.com .  Finished PC lamps can be found at most
hipper aquarium equipment supply stores.  amazingly, many
lfss (Local Fish StoreS) don't carry them or the bulbs.

I believe I have given a politically correct answer.

Scott H. 
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