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Re: [AGA Member] What topics would you like to see?

Hi folks,

Erik has said that if the volume keeps up, he can set this list up as a
digest.  But I know he's had a busy few days, so we need to be patient.

In the mean time...

I'd like to introduce our new list moderator, Dennis Sheridan.

Dennis says:

"I live in San Francisco with my wife and 3
tanks - 2 freshwater, 1 reef. Freshwater are a 50gal and a 15, both planted
with all the usual suspects. Reef is a 30gal which I started only about 2
months ago.  I work part time as a researcher and organizer for a non-profit
environmental group. "

It was Dennis who threw the snowball that started this avalanche, so it's
only fitting that he should be our new moderator.  But we would like things
to remain casual and friendly here, so hopefully his "moderator" duties will
be minimal and pleasant.  To that end, I'd like to ask all of you to help
him in welcoming new members and helping out with beginner questions.  We
want all AGA members to feel comfortable using this list, no matter what
their experience level!

Thanks for volunteering, Dennis!


Karen A. Randall

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