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Re: [AGA Member] Greetings.

Hey all,

Thanks for making me feel welcome.  Karen, you're right.  I probably 
shouldn't count as a newbie -- I'm way to cranky to be a newbie.


I was thinking of bringing two different sets of rocks.  One set consists 
hands-on examples for the talk ("this is a rock...", "this is a black 
rock...").  The other set would be aquascaping stones -- probably in matched 
sets of 3 or 5 -- that I might bring for the auction.  New Mexico is a rocky 
place and I have a great choice and unlimited supply.  The downside for the 
auction rocks is that the buyer has to find some way to get the rocks home.  
What do you guys think of the auction rocks idea?

The smaller hands-on stones I could box and check as baggage.  The larger 
ones I'll probably have to find some way to ship ahead of time.  If worse 
comes to worse, it is really only a (really) long day's drive from here to 

Jay, thanks for the offer.  Maybe I'll bring, oh 8, or 9 sets of stones and 
go 3-7 stones per set, and I'll get some big enough for a 6-foot tank...

Just kidding :)

Roger Miller
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