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Re: [AGA Member] Soft water management

From: "S. Hieber" <shieber@yahoo.com>

Hi, Scott!

> Anyhow, I find a good kit, LaMotte's, is useful to
> establish how a tank is behaving and what food, filtering

Ok, but I think I need to sell my body for that kit at $225.  I just
started a reef tank which quickly exhausted all my play money.
<sigh>  When I wrote for the computer press all I needed to do was
call a vendor to get a review copy/unit.  You think if I called them
and said I was writing a review for the AGA list they'd send me a
kit? <g>

> neighborhood.  I started dosing Seachem phosphorus along
> with the other stuff I mentioned, and things got much better

I'm going up to my lfs today, so I'll pick some up and see what that
does in my system.

> dosing.  The NO3 hangs in there around 10-20 ppm.  Haven't

If I get above 12 or so then the algae appears. I'd like to keep it
down in the 3 - 6 range, but lately it seems to want to stay up
around 9 - 10.. And everytime I want to do a 50% change the discus
lay eggs up on the log, forcing me to just change 10gals or so..



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