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Re: [AGA Member] Soft water management

From: "S. Hieber" <shieber@yahoo.com>

> are.  NO3 at the levels you're talking about shouldn't
> cause algae unless the others are too low for the plants to
> use the NO3.

Roger that, Scott, and thanks much for the tips on the kits.
Speaking of which..


With one of those I could play a marine biologist on TV!

> If you want to avoid doing tests at all for P and N.  You
> can dose and then use huge (50% or more) water changes
> frequently/regularly to limit overall levels in the tank.

Yeah, I know people do that.  I'm not one of them. That approach
seems to me like using brawn instead of brain.  I'll work to figure
out what's going in, what's coming out, how the ecosystem is
behaving and what's needed to maintain balance.  But all with an eye
to avoid doing as much actual physical labor as possible. ;-)

I didn't get out today, but hope to tomorrow.  I'll let you know
what happens with the tests and phosphate.  I'm looking forward to
getting into this over the next week.


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