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Re: [AGA Member] CO2

ONe other thing I forgot to mention.  You have lots of
inexpensive options for the injector/reactor.

You can direct the CO2 to the intake of a canister filter
Cost = $0 and no CO2 equipment i the aquarium except the
airline tubing.

You can use a gravel vacuum tube cost =- about $10

check out thekrib.com for a pic or ask me.

You can build an external reactor out of PVC parts and some
fittings for between $10-$30 and get 100% CO2 abosorbtion
and have *no* CO2 equipment in the aquarium.

You can buy a reactor for anywhere from $20 - about $100.  
BTW, the Rube Goldberg award has to go to this version --
the most complicated and overengineered CO2 device I have
ever seen, only about $140 Eurodollars ;-)  :


Good Luck,
Scott H.

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