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[AGA Member] 2003 Aquatic Gardeners Association Conference

Mark you calendars! The dates for the 2003 Aquatic Gardeners Association Convention have been set.


When: November 14-16

Where: Dallas, TX

Dallas Forth Worth Airport Marriott

8440 Freeport Parkway, Irving, TX 75063



Rates are $69 for a single, and $79 for double occupancy. The hotel also provides FREE shuttle transportation to and from DFW International Airport. If you would like to reserve your room nights now go to http://www.marriott.com/dfwap and click on the ?reserve a room? button, and just type in the following group code: AQGAQGA.


Registration cost for the conference is $64 and the banquet is optional for $35. There will also be a field trip on Friday that has yet to be confirmed that will be an additional expenditure.


Speakers for this years conference include Christel Kasselmann, renowned aquatic plant authority and author of ?Aquarium Plants,? Erik Olson with an AGA state of the union address, Roger Miller on rocks in the aquascape, and Mike Cameron on digital photography.


A new twist to the convention this year is the addition of ?Focus Groups.? Attendees will have the opportunity to pick and choose between a variety of topics they would like to attend. The groups will be broken up into small informal sessions where you?ll have an opportunity for some one-on-one interaction. The confirmed Focus Groups presenters at this time are Tom Barr, Neil Frank, and Ghazanfar Ghori.


Additional conference and focus groups presenters will be announced shortly.


If you?d like to be informed about the latest AGA updates please go to the following site and sign-up for AGA email update list: http://aga-2k3.aquatic-plants.org


We?ll be sending out monthly updates to keep everyone up to date with the most current AGA planning convention information. Web banners have also been created to promote the convention. If anyone would like a banner for your site to promote the ?03 convention, please contact me off list.


Thanks, and I look forward to meeting everyone in November.


Tim Cincotta






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