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[AGA Member] '03 AGA Convention Speaker Update

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The convention and focus group speakers have been finalized, and we've 

got one heck of a lineup. Convention speakers include: Christel Kasselmann, author of "Aquarium Plants," Erik Olson, Karen Randall, George Booth, Dr.Shaun Winterton, Roger Miller, and Dr. Stephen Hatch. Focus group presenters are Tom Barr, Neil Frank, Luis Navarro, Mike Cameron, Dr. Shaun Winterton, Dr. Greg Morin, Ghazanfar Ghori, and Tarah Nyberg.


Don't know who a few of these people are? Sign up for the AGA email update and we'll send you a bio. :-)


The field trip has been organized. We'll be starting at 8am on Friday, Nov. 14th. The trip will start with a tour of the Lewisville Aquatic Ecosystem Research Facility. From there we'll visit a new LFS in town called the Fish Gallery. They have a great selection of driftwood, rocks, fish, and yes - plants. The Fish Gallery will also provide attendees with a complimentary BBQ lunch.  After that we'll make one final stop at the Dallas World Aquarium in the West End before heading back to the hotel. Admission into the Dallas World Aquarium is $10.95, and transportation cost for the day is $15. Space for the field trip is limited, so sign up early to confirm your space.


Convention Details:


When: November 14-16

Where: Dallas, TX

Dallas Forth Worth Airport Marriott

8440 Freeport Parkway, Irving, TX 75063



Rates are $69 for a single, and $79 for double occupancy. The hotel also provides FREE shuttle transportation to and from DFW International Airport (Not Love Field). To reserve your room now, go to http://www.marriott.com/dfwap. Click on the "reserve a room" button, and type in the following group code: AQGAQGA.


Registration cost for the conference is $64 and the banquet is optional for $35. On-line registration available now at www.aquatic-gardeners.org.




Tim Cincotta

President, DFW Aquatic Plant Club




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