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[AGA Member] Help

I wrote back in April about setting up a new 46 gal tank after I got back
from Belize.  Well, I got back and after recouperating from the trip got
started on that tank.  I put a piece of driftwood fresh from the LFS into
the tank and got started on the landscaping.  The driftwood is still
leaching tannin after all this time.  After several complete water changes,
I went back to the LFS and they suggested I boil the offending driftwood.  I
do not have a pan large enough for the shape of this item so they suggested
I put in in the bathtub and run hot water over it.  Well, I put it in a
rubbermaid container instead with the hotest water I could safely add and
have tried to keep it pretty hot, at least in the daytime,  for the past
week - it's still turning the water brown.  Is there any fix for this or
should I through it away and start again?  As it was pretty expensive for a
piece of wood, I'd rather try to save it?

Donna McGraw
Newbie of the Year!

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