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Re: [AGA Member] Water question..

Not to mention other chemicals in the water can make the
KH/pH/CO2 calculations or table inapplicable.

Scott H.

--- Rachel Sandage <rachelsor@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Amit asked, "I won't use the CO2, My tap water already
> comes with PH of 7.2 and KH of 10 - does this eliminated
> my need for a CO2 system ??? . . .
> First, it is true that tapwater right out of the pipe can
> have extra dissolved CO2. To get a more accurate reading
> of your water's characteristics, let it stand in a glass
> for a day and then check its pH.
> But let's assume that your tapwater has perfect CO2
> levels. You put it in the tank. The plants us the CO2
> which is in the water. They use it up - pretty quickly,
> if they are growing well. Where do they get more, unless
> you are constantly adding either new, CO2 rich water from
> the tap or or CO2 from some other source?
> Second, according to Tom Barr, most plants aren't that
> sensitive to GH/KH, and 10 should be fine. 

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