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Re: [AGA Member] CO2 concentration in Hard water

Sorry, Roger,

Don't mean to seem picky and I'm not taking issue with you.
I just wanted to be clear on the distinction. 

It makes a diff in how some folks understand the
relationship -- some think that you can raise the CO2 level
merely by raising the KH or (or having a high KH) -- like,
to stretch a simile, getting a bigger sponge allows you to
soak up more water.

Thanks for another lesson, :-)
Scott H.

--- Roger Miller <roger@spinn.net> wrote:
> On Monday 10 November 2003 07:10, you wrote:
> > Because, in that pH range, the higher KH allows the
> water
> > to absorb more CO2 or because you have to use more CO2
> to
> > hold that pH range if the KH is high?
> If you're going to be picky then it's the second choice. 
> KH does not 
> influence the ability of water to "adsorb" CO2.  The
> distinction is confusing 
> and its significance is lost on most people.

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S. Hieber

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