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Re: [AGA Member] High magnesium levels

On Sunday 30 November 2003 13:29, thepuppypirate wrote:
> Mg can and will displace K if present at an excessive level

I've never seen documentation of a case of magnesium blocking potassium 
uptake, but I suppose in extreme cases it is possible.  Potassium, sodium 
calcium and magnesium must be balanced within some broad guidelines or one 
may block another.   Of the three nutrients (sodium not usually being a 
nutrient) potassium is the hardest to block.

Hydroponics solutions are frequently formulated with potassium, magnesium and 
calcium in the ratio of 4:1:4 (potassium:magnesium:calcium).  If magnesium is 
going to block anything it is most likely to block calcium.  The magnesium 
concentration should be kept lower than the calcium concentration.

Roger Miller
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