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[AGA Member] 2-second survey: DVD/VHS Convention Videos

Greetings from AGA tech central, where we're still recovering from the 
festivities of two weeks ago.

Here is a quick questionaire for any AGA member that might be interested
in purchasing copies of the video of our 2003 convention.  I would like to 
gauge the interest in DVDs and remaining interest in VHS:

1. Would you prefer DVD or VHS format, given similar prices (and the
understanding that writable DVDs don't play on every player)?

2a. If you opted for VHS, would you prefer a single tape with 
   not-quite-everything at our usual $30 price, or two tapes with 
   everything for $40?

2b. If you opted for DVD, and once you received the disk, it didn't play
on your player (even though we told you this might be so), would you

	a. would you expect us to refund your money, 
	b. would you expect us to exchange it for a VHS tape,
	c. would this be your excuse to upgrade your player, or
	d. would you just tough it out for now?

Please send any replies DIRECTLY to me (erik@thekrib.com), i.e. please 
don't pollute the lists.  Remember, this is just a survey so I can get an 
idea of what we're in for this year.  Mailing me doesn't imply any 
commitment to buy anything.


  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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