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Re: [AGA Member] 2-second survey: DVD/VHS Convention Videos

Survey is a great idea. 

I have one player that I know will handle it but I never
even checked on my second player -- the issue never came

The various types of DVD can be confusing for a lot of us
less technical -- especially for those of us whose VCRs
blinked "12:00" for years. 

The newer players can handle several formats but I think
we'll undoubtedly get "returns." 

Even we said up front, the format is thus and no returns,
It might create some bad feelings out there for those that
bought but couldn't use the CD. And if returns are
accepted, there's the matter of who pays the return
shipping and/or the shipping of a second item, if any,
presumably a tape.

I suppose if the offer for sale was *very clear* about the
format and warned potential buyers that they should check
the manual for their DVD player to be certain it will hand
the specific format, and that replacment with VHS would
present additional costs of $x, this would minimize

Each year it becomes less likely that folks in general
can't play the format. Question is, is this the year where
the problems will be at a level that a on-profit org can

Having said all that, I'd prefer disk to tape.


S. Hieber

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