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[AGA Member] AGA Convention Videos and New Member Gift Sale

Not a survey this time--Thanks to all of you who have answered the 
questions earlier about videos and when your copy of TAG arrived.  They've 
helped immensely.  And it's been a busy weekend for yours truly.

So instead, it's... Shameless Plug Time!  Just in time for the Holidays!

Before I get into the videotapes, just a quick heads-up that the AGA is
having a sale oriented towards really cool gift memberships for new
aquarists...  it's a bundled 1-year membership along with a baker's dozen
of back issues, for only $60.  Details on the AGA website,

The Aquatic Gardeners Association is very proud to announce that mere
hours ago we got the thumbs-up from the last of the convention speakers,
and can officially announce that the 2003 Convention Videos are now
available (as always, to AGA members only, so join already).

Hear Roger talk rocks till your socks fall off.  Turn green with envy over
Karen's Tropica trip pictures.  Contemplate setting up an "emerser"  tank
after Shaun winterton quizzes you on aquatic plant flowers.  Prove to
yourself that George was really there (or is it a clever fake?).  Compare
your plant species pronounciation with Christel Kasselmann...

We're offering the videos in 3 forms.  The traditional single VHS tape
with the five main talks will run you $30.  But the DFWAPC folks packed in
so many presentations, it doesn't all fit on one tape, even in 6-hour
mode...another ten bucks gets you a second tape with five hours of focus
groups, miscellaneous talks, and bonus footage... think of this as the
"extended edition".  And finally we'll be joining the 21st century by
offering the same "extended editition" as a 2-DVD set for $35.

Here's the catch with the DVD's.  These are burned on DVD-R media, which 
is still kind of in flux with some players, mostly older models.  If you 
have played other DVD-R's on your system, great, you won't have problems!  
But be forwarned it's probably not going to work for everyone.  We're 
going to offer even trades with the SINGLE VHS tape if you need to 
exchange it, or pay an extra $10 to trade for the 2-VHS set.

If you haven't seen any of the previous years' videos, here's a rundown on
some of the better points: The audio goes directly from the sound board
into the camera, so you can hear the speaker clearly.  All the
computer-based presentations have had the original images digitally
inserted into the video, so no crummy camcorder-off-the-screen pictures.  
I've edited out various awkward pauses, stops to change carousels, and
endless "next slide please"'s.  And thanks to Scott H, who taped in the
front of the room, you can actually see the people asking questions this


And that'll be the last shameless plug from me this year... and probably 
most of next year as well.

  - Erik

(PS: Vote for Popular Choice in the aquascaping contest.  I'll close that 
in about another week.)

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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