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[AGA Member] Dosing plants with NPK home compunds

As part of my effort to save my Amazon swords, I think my tank lacks some Nitrogen and Potassium.
After a short visit to the plant nursery I finally selected Jobes Spikes and some liquid fertilizer - Yes for home plants!
The Spikes made of:
N - 6%
P2O5 - 2% (trying to keep phosphate as low as I can, not that I have any Algae problems...)
Potassium 3%
And Iron 1% (EDTA) Which I doubt will have any effect, Since it is not chelated 

The liquid is made of:
NPK all 7% 
I still need to look for KNO3 and other 'hydroponics' related compounds.
Does anyone have any good experience with NPK home compounds ???


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