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[AGA Member] Re: Rinsing Flourite -- or - The Myth of Sisyphus

Oh yeah. Whenever you rub two grains of Flourite together,
you make little Flourites! Vigorous washing is a task that
cannot be completed until the Flourite is all gone. Gentle
washing works best. Why wash all the nice Flourite down the
drain or into the backyard?

The fines are just fine in the aquarium so long as you
don't muck about in the substrate too much right off the
bat. Over time they tend to sink down inbetween and below
the larger pieces. 

I forget which event we were at (AGA Dallas convention?)
where Karen showed a picture of a newly set up aquarium
with Flourite. Just a few hours after set up and the
aquarium was nice and clean and clear.

Scott H.
--- Karen Randall <krandall@rdrcpa.biz> wrote:
> I agree with Rich Green's response completely.  I have
> found that the more
> you "wash" Flourite, the more frustrated you get.<g> 
> Then when you give up
> and just dump the darned stuff in, you do just fine!
> . . . The best news is that even if you dump the 
> Flourite and
> water in together in
> a slurry, it my look horrible to start with, and you may
> have to manually
> remove dust from the glass, but the particles suspended
> in the water settle
> out relatively quickly (something that is not true of
> many commercial
> laterite supplements).

S. Hieber

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