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[AGA Member] help about fluorescent bulb

Dear all,
   I need some suggestions from those of you who use
fluorescent bulbs for your planted tank(especially who
have red plants). I am setting up a 30G planted tank,
currently have some 'tougher' plants, such as Tonina
sp, R. Macrandra and some other red plants. I am using
two T-5 10000k bulbs and two Coralife 6500k
full-spectrum bulbs, the light seems to be strong
enough but the red plants just look not right. 
  So, I need you guys to recommend some good
fluorescent bulbs(T-5 or T-12) for red plants.
I used to use NEC and ADA bulbs when I was in Taiwan,
but I guess I can't find those stuff in this country.
Any good suggestions?

Thanks a lot.


 PS. I live in Irvine, CA. Anyone lives around and
likes to go fish store together sometimes?


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