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Re: [AGA Member] Heater

The larger the aquarium the less watts per gallon of
heating you need. This is due in part to thicker glass
providing better insulation but also due to the ratio of
aquarum surface area to volume being smaller for larger

I used as little as 200 watts to heat a 150g aquarium,
which works out to about 1.3 watts per gallon.

In a 5g, you probably want at least 25 watts.

Since fluorescent and MH lights are only about 35% energy
efficient, lots of lighting (3 or 4 watts per gallon) can
put a lot of heat into an aquarium. So the size of heater
can be affected by the amount of lighting.

--- WB4CIW@aol.com wrote:
> Actually, I was taught the "Rule of Thumb" for heaters
> was
> 5 watts/gallon.

S. Hieber

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