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[AGA Member] Re: AGA Member - Digest V1 #134

I have to agree that the on and off will wear out the
heater quicker.  I've also had heaters fail in both
the on position (and I've cooked the fish) and in the
off position (which I discovered before they died). 
With two smaller heaters, if one sticks on it can only
heat up the tank so far and the other probably won't
come on at all.  Eventually you'll notice, but
probably little harm will be done in the interim.  If
one fails in the off position, even if the remaining
can't heat the tank by itself, the fish tend to hover
around the working heater.  You'll notice that and
correct the situation.  My problem has been finding
very low wattage heaters for small tanks at my local
fish dealers who seem to feel bigger is better.  So, I
get them through the mail or when I'm visiting out of
town and of course, checking out the shops.

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