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RE: [AGA Member] Heaters -- & Houses & Roms & Kids

I've found it much cheaper to heat or chill (especially
chill) the aquaria than than the house or even the room.
The amount of heat transfer through the ceiling and walls
is considerable even with unsulated walls and R49
insulation in the attic!

In fact, depending on the weather, just a couple degrees
difference in house temperature can dramatically affect the
monthly energy bill (several dollars per day), while
changes to the aquaria have much smaller effects.

I suppose there is a point where, there is enough volume of
aquaria in a room, that controlling the temp of the room is
more economical. I haven't actually sat down and computed
the heat transfer/replacement costs for fishroom vs
aquaria, so I have no idea where that point is.

In my case, for "room" heating/chilling to work, I'd need
to install two sets of doors in the ground floor fish room,
and put up some walls and doors in the basement, all of
which I've been meaning to do for about five years or so. I
suppose I could say the delay is largely due to having
children but I don't want Erik and Kathy to find out too
much too soon ;-)


---William ruyle <inquartata@comcast.net> wrote:
> One way around this whole thing is to eschew (sorry,
> sneezed)
> using tank heaters at all: simply saunter over to the
> wall
> thermostat and crank it up to the target temp: that's
> ummm,
> 80-82F for guppy fanciers, etc? Family members who object
> to
> this higher temp--you will want to install spot-cooling
> where
> they congregate/sit in the room much like they do in
> engineering
> spaces aboard ships and on commercial airlines.
> Gorgeously expensive
> to implement and forget about low utility bills, but
> highly effective.
> And wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about hiding
> those
> unsightly heaters and powerlines? HTH and Your Mileage
> May Definitely
> Vary:-)
> Bill
> Thankful I keep killies where room temps are just fine.

S. Hieber

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to the AGA Annual Convention
Nov 2004 -- Baltimore

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