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Re: [AGA Member] iron testers

I'll see your case and raise you one:

I use half the recommended dosage of Flourish, otherwise I get green spot algae. I use twice the recommended dosage of Flourish Iron (my tanks have Flourite plus gravel). If I don't, my plants show iron deficiency.

Cheryl Rogers
Oak Point, TX

S. Hieber wrote:

Sure! Throw that in my face! ;-)

Otoh, if you dose a bit, say, with a good trace mix like
Flourish or TMG, then you know the tank always has some and
you don't need to test at all. Okay, I don't mean to be
flip. Here's my case: My tap water is as clean as a new
baby's dreams -- pH 7.0, barely any carbonates), etc. So
all the iron in my tanks come from the Flourite or from the
trace mix. I haven't had iron deficiencies show up.

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