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[AGA Member] RE: New Old Member

Hi Michael,

I rarely post to the list, but I couldn't resist when I saw you were from
Bucks County PA!  I also live in Bucks.  I don't know of any great places
for plants nearby.  My favorite somewhat local place for plants is Aquarium
Center in Clementon, NJ. It's about an hour drive for me.  I keep meaning to
try Hidden Reef in North Philly.  Haven't been there, but local club members
say it's nice.  Don't know about plants, though.

You should join Bucks County Aquarium Society if you aren't already a
member. I joined recently.  They have great speakers and often have plants
at the auction.  They are having their yearly auction in May.

I also enjoy sharing clippings from my tanks if you want to contact me off


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