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RE: [AGA Member] Anubias

I don't bury the rhizome however I do bury about the lower 1/3 of the
roots which descend from the rhizome when I install/plant them. As the
plant grows and the rhizome extends, the plant will grow sideways or
upward if it needs to get to the light. It will continue to send down
vertical root/stems which spread down into the substrate gravel & mud
below that. I believe that the plants gain an advantage by having their
roots in the mud where they can access mineralized nutrients only
available in the anaerobic part of the substrate. The roots & root hairs
naturally grow into the regions that they "prefer" over time. I've never
seen necrotic roots on Anubias but I don't plant them into strongly
reducing (anoxic organic) substrates either.

Since these plants can be easily overshadowed by taller competitors, I
sometimes pot my small Anubias b nana so that they gain an extra 4" of
height in the tank. These little guys really need the help. I do the
same thing with my Glossostigma which would quickly die if shadowed.


> Faruk wrote:
> >> Although the rhizome section is described as horizontal
> subterranean
> plant
> stem, we know that Anubias' rhizome section should not be
> buried. Would
> anyone describe why Anubias' rhizome rots due to burying. Why
> does it need
> relatively aerobic conditions? <<

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