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Re: [AGA Member] Ballast Guts -- or - Giving up the (custom) Sea Life

I have nothing bad to say about CSL but if annual ballast
replacements are your problem then end you annual
replacements with an inexpensive and dependable ballast
from Fulham. It will be cheaper and easier to just replace
your present ballast with a Fulham. The models Workhorse 7
and Workhorse 8 can operate a 1x96watt or 2x96 watt
(Panasonic type) PC bulbs; the Workhorse 5 can operate a
1x96 watt PC.

Although AHS ( www.ahsupply.com) does not generally sell
ballasts as separate parts, the ballasts can be gotten from
several sources. Note that when you buy from AHS, you also
get the best reflector on the market!

But if all you want is the ballast, and your local
electrical supply house doesn't carry or special order
Fulhams, then you can pick one up on Ebay -- try entering
"workhorse ballast" in  the search window, then patiently
pick you auction, preferably one that ends on Sunday night
-- and don't forget to snipe your bid.

Alternatively, you can get one at many online stores
including any one of the following, in no particular order:






(select "Ballasts" then select "Next" at the bottom of the
page until you find the Fulham ballasts)

Note that the diff between the Workhorse and Longhorse
models is merely the shape of the ballast -- the Longhorse
models are narrower and longer to fit inside lamps in which
the Workhorse models do not fit.

If you go to Fulham's web site:


select 2x96 from the "Choose Quantity and Wattage" dialog
box, select "Submit" then click on either the Workhose 7 or
Workhorse 8 model, you will get the correct wiring diagram
for each ballast for use with a pair of 96 watts PCs.

I've run 36, 55, and 96 watt PCs on dozens on Fulham
ballasts for over five years without single problem.

good luck, good fun,
Scott H.
--- Aaron Glass <aglass@wi.rr.com> wrote:
> Looks like I just fried another CustomSeaLife ballast
> last week, I go through one a year. I know that CSL has
> gone out of business and I usually go to Champion
> Lighting to get replacement ballasts (I used to get
> scratch and dent units directly from CSL too).
> Since CSL went out of business I know that as time
> progresses replacement parts will be harder and harder to
> come by and replacing the entire unit is expensive (about
> $150 each).
> Does anybody know of a source for the replacement guts
> for a CSL ballast number 54003 (2 X 96 watt)? If I can
> get the guts and wiring diagram I should be able to take
> it from there. I have a total of three units that I need
> the guts for.
> Thanks, and my plants appreciate it too.

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