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[AGA Member] Importation of plants

Hello all,

In response to a question in this mailing list about importing 
plants to the US:

I have a recent experience trying to import plants with me when 
returning from a trip in Japan. I declared my plants at the border
and lost about $150 worth or rare Cryptocorynes. Before embarking on my
return trip to the US, I cleaned the plants throroughly, making sure that
no soil or other substrate particles were sticking to the roots. I also
printed out lists of banned plants and endangered plants. All the plants
I had were clearly labeled so it would be easy for the inspectors to
verify I was not bringing in plant pests. All my careful preparations came
to nothing because I did not have Phytosanitary Certificates for the plants.

Since very recently, Phytosanitary Certificates have become mandatory. 
If you decide to declare your plants, make sure you have the Phytosanitary
Certificates. Without Phytosanitary Certificates your plants will be
confiscated and destroyed. They will NOT quarantine them and then allow 
you to pick them up later. They will destroy your plants. 


Mr. I L K K A   K A L L I O
San Jose, CA

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