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[AGA Member] PMDD ingredients available

Hi folks,

First I want to say a sort of "good bye" I am doing a major life change
which includes closing out home and fish room to travel extensively for a
few years.

I want to say what a great experience it has been to have planted tanks
these several years, how much I have learned from others, how many generous
and helpful people I have met and to say thanks to every one. I will remain
in the "lurk" mode while I travel with my Kasselmann book and snorkel every
place I can.

I have Plantex CSM (with Boron added), monopotassium phosphate and potassium
sulfate left over and am offering them at pretty much the cost to me.

CSM @ $8/lb (about a cup) or $5 half pound
monopot sulfate @ $5 a cup
pot sulfate @ $ 2 a  cup

You pay shipping.

June Olberding

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