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[AGA Member] Discus tanks

Aviel wrote:

> I am looking at this absolutely stunning page here:
> I counted 11 large healthy spawning discus fish which means they are being
fed good quality live food so I think.
> And on the other hand I don't see too many fast growing plants.
> And I would like to know if this is the case where the Nitrate is
accumulating or decreasing.
> Does this system use many water changes, constant water changes etc or is
there a natural balance.

For full details, why don't you contact Jeff personally at:

jsenske at aquariumdesigngroup.com

I have not seen this tank in person, though it was also featured in TAG at
one point.  But I know it is an installation in an office, which Jeff
desined, executed and maintains.  Sine he is only there periodically, I'm
sure is goal was to have it as trouble-free as possible.  Jeff uses a lot of
discus in his work, so he is familiar with their demands and their waste
output.  I've ssen other display tanks that he's set up with the discus
spawning regularly right in the display.

While I don't know the maintenance routine for this specific tank, I do know
that as a general rule, Jeff's tanks tend toward moderate light levels, and
slow growing plants for ease of maintenance.  I believe he changes water and
does major maintenance every 1-2 weeks on most of his client tanks.  I would
be very surprised whether nitrate and/or phosphate build-up were a problem
in any of the tanks Jeff maintains.  They are all too clean for that.  But
also remember that in this particular instance, this is a truly enormous
tank.  I have a good friend, also an AGA member, David Lass, who maintains a
150G planted discus tank.  The tank houses a number of fully adult discus.
I don't know the number for sure, but my guess is that he has at least 8 in
there.  But the tank is also heavily planted, if not as "groomed" as this
tank of Jeff's.  The nicest planted discus tanks I've seen have ALL been at
least 125G tanks, some substantially bigger.  In these very large tanks, the
"balancing act" seems to be easier.  Which makes sense, considering the body
mass of the fish involved.  Just think, when Jeff does a water change on
this 550G tank, even if he only changes 20% of the water, he's changing out
more water than the TOTAL volume in many people's tanks!


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