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[AGA Member] First post: tank oxygenation with power heads


My first post to this list (not even sure if its active)

I recently had a bit of an upset where the air pump on my airlift tube sponge filter system died. I only found this out when I found one of my 2 fish on the floor of my apartment because it jumped out for some reason (bashed the hood off and all), whether the two problems are related or not I dont know. I think there must have been some rapid nasty nitrate increase because I quickly changed half the water to get my remaining friend through the night and it seemd instantly much happier when I did.

Anyway I've decided I'm sick of wasting money on rubbish diaphragm air pumps so got a power head and filter all-in-one thing (Fluval 1). It seems to be going great, and my fish seems to enjoy the current (and you cant beat how quiet it is!). Anyhow my question is what about air? I dont really have any plants (they always get eaten and turn into an eye sore) I read about venturi valves or something but is it really necesary? For the time being I just raised the power head outlet a bit so it creates a few bubbles. Should I invest in some sturdier plants?

Any feedback appreciated
- Regards.

Colin Alston <karnaugh@karnaugh.za.net>

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