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[AGA Member] FW: Spots on old broad leaves

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> From: 	Don Smolev  
> Sent:	Thursday, June 10, 2004 1:50 PM
> To:	'majordomo@thekrib.com'
> Subject:	Spots on old broad leaves
> I wonder if this is a common problem and what if anything you do about it. I have a 90g tank that is flourishing with both the plants and fish. It is not overly populated although the 5 extraordinarily beautiful koi angels have grown to great size. The tank also has a dozen or so rummy nose and cardinals each as well as assorted cats. When you are 3 feet or more from the tank the plants all look clean. But close up there are hard algae spots on the old broad leaves especially the anubias which not only can't  the algae eating denizens make a dent in but they are almost impossible to scrape off by hand. I know that even Amano mentions this phenomena and offers no remedy that I have discovered. It doesn't seem to hurt anything but it is annoying to see when you're close up. The tank has no other algae problem.I change about 40% of the water weekly.  Am I being too picky or is there a method of dealing with this easily? 

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