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Re: [AGA-Member] Floating Driftwood

If it's a determined floater, you need to attach something
much heavier for its volume than the driftwood to
counteract its bouyancy -- jsut like scuba divers wear
weights around their waist so that they don't keep bobbing
up to the surface.

Go to a rock yard or landscaping place that sells slate and
find a reasonably flat but not necessarily attractive or
expensive piece. Drill a hole in the slate with a masonary
bit and drill a hole in the bottom of the driftwood with a
smaller standard twist drill bit. Them bolt them together
with a stainless steel screw and washer (Home Depot or
other hardward vendor).

Bury the slate -- the slate's weight plus, to some extent,
that of the substrate over the slate, will hold down the
driftwood. If the drifwood is sitting right on top of the
substrate, it probably won't look natural, so if a bit at
the bottom is below the top of the substrate when you bury
the slate, that's probably a good thing.

Ideally, the slate would be all the way down on bottom
glass or as near to it as possible so that there is no
"dead space" in the substrate between the slate and the
glass where water will not circulate. But this isn't a
serious issue unless it's a really big piece of slate.

If the piece is large enough, ou might be able to position
it so that part of it gets caught under the top rim of the
aquarium and holds the wood down and in place. But with
this method be careful when doing maintenance -- you bump
the wood out of position and it pops up right in your face,
uh, or so I've heard. . .never happened to me ;-)

Also see my reply to your post on APD.

--- Randy Pullen <RPullen@waterpik.com> wrote:

> Please help me with methods to keep a piece of driftwood
> from floating.
> (sitting on the substrate)
> Your help is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Randy
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