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[AGA-Member] Re: AGA-Member Digest, Vol 2, Issue 13

"Amit Brucker" <amitb@gteko.com> wrote:

> I've introduced about a week ago 4 adults Buenos Aires Tetra to my 100
liter tank.
> The tank is planted with dwarf sagittaria, Valisneria and some crypts and
some Hygrophila SPP.
> After a few days I could notice that all Hygrophila and only them were
nipped - I could see the tetra guys really enjoying them...
> I have never seen this behavior before. Did anyone observed this ?
> Should I change their diet?

You should change your fish.  Bueno Aires tetras are lawn mowers only
slighty surpassed by silver dollars.  I've seen them eat stands of Java fern
to a nub.  They're eating the Hygro first, because it's the
tenderest/tastiest.  When they're done with that, they'll work your other
plants over.  Get rid of them.


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