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RE: [AGA-Member] Re: BGA Help

Keep in mind that a chemical treatment, erythromicin or
whatever, will not address the conditons that promoted the
BGA in the first place, If those conditions change, the BGA
might not come back; if they don't, expect a reprise.

Scott H.
--- Don Smolev <don.smolev@themarcongroup.net> wrote:

> In my experiance there are no benign snails, ramshorns
> included. Holes in leaves appear eventually. However,
> there is a product that does work to eliminate
> Cyanobacteria which I found mentioned in one of the
> aquatic plant books. It is "Healthquard" by Seachem. It
> is actually a pond product but used in the aquarium in
> proper amounts will kill the Cyanobacteria in about 4 to
> 5 days. I used one ounce to 20 gallons. It dissapates in
> 24 hours so you have to use it every day for about 5 days
> and the "slime" will completely dissolve as will the
> odor. It does absolutely no harm to any of the plants or
> the fish. Actually it was formulated to keep pond fish
> healthy and it has a beneficial effect for aquarium fish
> as well. Unlike other chemical formulations on the market
> to combat algae healthguard does not kill shrimp.

Want to get dirty but stay clean? 

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