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[AGA-Member] AGA Aquascaping Contest: Just about a week Left

While our awesome PR man Carlos is busy dealing with the last of Hurricane Frances, I thought I'd personally drop in and remind everyone on *my* two favorite lists that there's a little more than a week left to enter your aquascape in AGA's annual aquascaping contest. It's pretty easy to enter -- just snap 2-5 photos of your aquarium, register on our website, pay our measly five buck fee through PayPal, even upload the photos to the site with your registration, or just scribble everything down on paper and drop it in the mail with some prints... or anything in-between. We're flexible!

Speaking of flexible, there has been such a great turnout from so many countries this year that we've been having a bit of trouble with some being able to pay the entry fees. But I'm happy to announce that thanks to the generous donation of David Lass (and others if this becomes popular), we are now *waiving the entry fee* for anyone entering from a country that PayPal refuses to deal with! That's right, now aquascapers from Malta and Indonesia don't have to find a $5 bill to hide in with their Photo Release. So NO EXCUSES now!

Hopefully Carlos will be back in e-mail contact to do the last big official plea. But for now, check out the site, http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org

and enter your aquascape. Deadline is September 15th (all online portions must be completed, and mailed-in items should be postmarked by the 15th).

  - Erik
    contest organizer and all-around tired guy

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com
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