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Re: [AGA-Member] Cancel membership (autha 3c49d9d)

I wonder if, perhaps, he ran into some of the older FAQ
posts on theKrib and like many assume that theKrib, like
APD ;-) is part of AGA? Such assumptions having been found
to be somewhat common.

I can't think of what on the AGA site could be misleading

Ironic name?

me puzzled at time now,

--- Erik Olson <erik@thekrib.com> wrote:

> Boy, on first read, this looks like a spam or a captured
> machine.  The 
> weird header, the generic text in the message and
> complete lack of mention 
> of aquatic plants.
> On Tue, 14 Sep 2004, Noel Wise wrote:
> > I sent a query and received a response that I could not
> understand.  Is 
> > it intended to confuse and confound?  The many
> grammatical and spelling 
> > errors besides technical abbreviations and misleading
> searches make it 
> > difficult to comprehend or enjoy your website although
> it is very 
> > comprehensive and authoritative.  Please cancel my
> subscription. 
> > Thanks- Noel Wise

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