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Re: [AGA-Member] Cancel membership (autha 3c49d9d)

Your chat monitor is lurking!!!!! :-)

On Tuesday 14 September 2004 07:02 pm, you wrote:
> Noel Wise wrote:
> > I sent a query and received a response that I could not understand.  Is
> > it intended to confuse and confound?  The many grammatical and spelling
> > errors besides technical abbreviations and misleading searches make it
> > difficult to comprehend or enjoy your website although it is very
> > comprehensive and authoritative.  Please cancel my subscription.  Thanks-
> > Noel Wise _______________________________________________
> > AGA-Member mailing list
> > AGA-Member@thekrib.com
> > http://lists.thekrib.com/mailman/listinfo/aga-member
> Your subscription to what, pray tell?
> The AGA-member e-mail list, which is frequented by some very nice people
> who attempted in good faith to answer your questions according to their own
> experience and opinions, despite their work obligations, and having no idea
> whatsoever of your level of experience?
> Or to the AGA in general? I cannot cancel your subscription to the AGA
> because you are not an AGA member. Therefore this e-mail list is all we can
> fairly offer you.
> If you want pretty full-color pictures, professionally edited text, and (if
> I do say so myself) increasingly competent layout, I suggest you fork over
> the annual dues to become an AGA member and receive a subscription to our
> quarterly journal, The Aquatic Gardener.
> Regards,
> Cheryl

Peace and love,


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